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The Future of Blockchain

Secure messaging has become a point of increasing contention in recent years, as multiple services are beginning to crowd the market. Like any technological tool, it offers benefits to the masses but also serves up opportunities for malicious actors to test the strength of that security, and for individuals to misuse it to do things like spread misinformation or conduct illegal activity. Recently we have seen a spate of new messaging platforms built on blockchain technology, which threatens to redefine what “secure” means in messaging, and may present threats to organizations on a regulatory level. Blockchain technology seems to have an application in just about every aspect of the internet, secure messaging included. While many secure messaging apps have integrated cryptocurrency and other blockchain technology into their platforms, the focus has been on enhancing functionalities other than privacy. Recently, there has been a push to use blockchain tech as a foundation to decentralize communications and provide complete privacy and anonymity for users.

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